Locations for Sale

Existing Pacific Pride locations are periodically placed on the market and offer a turn key opportunity. View locations for sale

How It Works

The Pacific Pride network, while technical in nature and sophisticated in its operation, is a simple system based upon the premise that the franchisee maintains control of their location, yet has the opportunity to sell the benefits of the network.

There are four types of transactions, each summarized below.

Local Sale

Your Customer + Your Location
  • Your customer
  • You set your own margin
  • Maintain your independence

Foreign Purchase

Your Customer + Other Location
  • You set your margin
  • System builds your volume
  • More sites = more volume

Foreign Sale

Other Customer + Your Location
  • You net $0.08 profit
  • No credit to carry and no billing
  • More customers = more volume

Third-Party Transaction

Partner Customer + Your Location
  • No credit to carry
  • No billing
  • More customers = more volume

In the second quarter of 2018, we expect to be working again with prospective franchisees about the prospects of joining our network.