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Existing Pacific Pride locations are periodically placed on the market and offer a turn key opportunity. View locations for sale

Why Us

By stepping into the Pacific Pride network, you align yourself with a leading cardlock brand.

The economic downturn has impacted virtually every segment of the economy. With businesses keeping a watchful eye on every expense, cardlocks offer a level of reporting, security, and peace of mind for fleet managers and business owners not offered by any other product or service on the market.

Maintain complete control

As a franchisee, you have complete control of your customers and your pricing at all your locations and wherever your customers may go on the network. And, you get the benefit of being able to make money on the thousands of customers already on the network that would otherwise go somewhere else to get fuel.

Nationally recognized brand

You will align yourself with a nationally recognized brand and market leader. Pacific Pride provides innovative approaches to customer engagement and continues a long history of industry recognition with a consistent offering. Pacific Pride's brand recognition helps to connect your business with customers.

Your Pacific Pride franchise offers you multiple ways to profit

We'll work with you to identify and solicit local fleet managers and businesses. They become your customers and cardholders. Because Pacific Pride offers more locations, more savings and more control, it's easy to build a loyal customer base.

When your customers venture outside your service area, they are encouraged to use one of more than 1,000 Pacific Pride fueling locations nationwide. When they do, you receive transaction fee revenue.

Pacific Pride customers of other franchisees will be directed to your location through online route planners and mobile apps.

In the second quarter of 2018, we expect to be working again with prospective franchisees about the prospects of joining our network.